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What does the GX3 logo symbolize?

  • ​Gluteus Maximus, Medius, and Minimus symbolizes; The 3 major gluteal muscles.

  • White color symbolizes; Wholeness, Stability, Balance and Preservation.

  • Green color symbolizes; Positive Energy, Good Health, Vitality and Balance.

  • Upside Down Heart symbolizes; Healthy Strong Glutes.

  • Silver color symbolizes; Enlightenment, Mental and Physical Harmony.

  • GX3 symbolizes: Glutes, Exercise, 3 major gluteal muscles and the # of FitCamps we offer.

  • Shape of Brazil, on the lower right pays tribute to the country, where optimum glute workouts originated.

  • White and Silver Blood Splatter symbolizes; A Continuous Pump of Blood throughout your Body to Sustain Good Health.

  • Inside the lower left white splatter; the forefront 5 represents the 5 Levels of Leg Weights used in our GX3 FitCamp, and the distant 5 combined with the overlaid 5 represents 55, Brazil's Telephone Country Code which pays respect to the country.

  • Black color symbolizes; Mental and Physical Power, Depth and Self-Discipline.

  • Crescent Moon symbolizes; Luminous Energy, Knowledge and Progress.

  • From a fitness mindset this logo whole’ heartedly symbolizes; Healthy Strong Glutes built through exercise which must consistently and effectively interact with your entire body to achieve Good Health, Strength, Balance, Positive Energy and Happiness.